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about Asim Maity

Hi, I am Asim Maity, founder of Trustableinfo. I am an online marketer, blogger and Entrepreneur.

I’m a father of two daughters and husband of a loving wife and currently lived in West Bengal.

I completed my graduation in 2007 from Vidyasagar University in West Bengal. After complication my graduation, I started my job as one of the leading company in the industrial water treatment division. I worked in different industry on different water treatment project. 

I changed four companies from 12 years of my working period but still unhappy to do the same regular job daily. Finally, I quit regular 9 am to 6 pm job in 2019 & decide to share knowledge millions of people through my website. 

I follow the principles in the lord Krishna speech from Bhagavad Gita & motivated myself. I have seen the world is moving very fast to digitization, but the young generation is busy in social media. They are wasting a lot of time doing the non-productive job.

My mission is to guide millions of people to earning different source through the digital platform. These jobs are doing completely from home without any boss or office. These jobs are suitable for student, college student, housewife and retired person.   

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