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Best 10 Work From Home & Part-Time Jobs

    Best work from home

    Work from home is the most popular platform to earn money with freedom lifestyle. Now, this platform peoples are not taken a  part-time job, some people work as a full time. 

    This is a very easy way with a comfortable time zone you can earn better than full time 9 am to 5 pm daily job.  I will discuss in details different platform to income source in this article. 

    In this platform, you need one computer, internet & minimum one skill to earn huge money through work at home. I share a few platforms to do work from home even you don’t have any skill & good knowledge of computers.

    I share details of the following platform, earning potential & trust value on these platforms. 

    1) Online survey:

    The online survey job is one of the popular online jobs at present. The world most of the company spent a lot of money to survey preliminary research of product & service. This research will help them to get an idea & suggestion from people about a new product or service.

    In all industries, any product launch without a survey in the market was very risky. So companies want to know about new products or services that are interesting to people before spending millions of dollars.  

    Online survey platform earning potential up to $300 to $400 per month based on the working time. Basic computer skill required to do this job.  

    You can do an online survey job as a part-time or full time.  You can become an agent or member under following market research company and do survey for them. 


    The ySense is a very good website for online survey job. It has multiple options to generate income from this site. 

    You can do a survey, complete the task & also promoting your friend this programme. You can earn more than $ 500 per month from this single site within work 2-3 hours per day.

    Join ySense


    This is another one of the very good websites for online survey. Here you can earn different way from this site. You can earn money from this site to do a survey, completing an offer and participate in various winning contests.

    You want to know the basic computer skills to do this survey. This platform easy to earn $150 to $200 per month doing a 1-hour survey job also earning to referring your friend or social media platform. 

    Join PrizeRebel


    This is another good website where the survey will available regularly. You can not earn from this site directly cash, you earn point do complete every survey. This point redeems to cash or gift card for online shopping.

    It is totally free to join and also get $10 as signup bonus.

    Join SwagBucks

    2) PTC (Paid To Click)

    The “paid to click” sites are advertising companies. This company are paid cash for viewing ads online on their sites. It is the easiest, best & comfortable way of earning without any investment. 

    This is work for home without age restriction and experience. It is a popular worldwide business model to work from home.

    This job very simple, you need to signup and log in your account, click ads every day & get paid.

    Here I recommended the best PTC sites who were paying legitimately for a long time.

    Join Neobux

    Benefit of the joining

    • Free registration for joining this platform
    • Worldwide registration accepted
    •  Working from home with your comfortable time
    •  No location restriction, work  from anywhere
    • Without any technical skills, you can do
    • Multiple income opportunities from this platform
    • Start earning instantly  after complication registration
    • Without any investment, you can do this job
    • Unlimited earning potential based on your available time

    Paid to click site is working as a middle man between the member & advertiser. The advertiser needs traffic for their business or service for promoting. So they need traffic through these PTC sites. PTC sites deliver unique traffic. 

    Paid to click site also allow to earn from survey job based on question and answer. Without your own activity, you will earn from the percentage of your referral activity. 

    3) Freelancer

    Freelancer is a very high demanding job opportunity worldwide. If you have any skill to work in computers then you can earn huge money on different platforms. I can discuss the details in this article. 

    If you are interested to work with freedom in your professional life, freelancing is a perfect platform for you.  The freelancing community is currently growing very fast worldwide. Based on the statistic the freelancer number will increase over 86 million by 2028. 

    I recommend that you prepare yourself as a freelancer. Read complete this article to understand what is the freelancing job, How to find out companies & hearing jobs and skill to become a successful freelancer.

    Definition of freelancing Job:

    A freelance job is one where a person works for multiple organizations or person based on their requirements at the same time. While freelancers do take on agreement work for companies and organizations. They are ultimately self-employed and responsible for a single job or task.

    You will working through a digital platform at setting a suitable location and time.

    Freelancers are accountable for all sorts of things.  They are responsible for own work hours, keeping an eye on different projects open and billing customers. Freelancers are not considered “employees” by the organizations they work independently based on expertise.

    More than 30 types of freelancing jobs you can do from home. If you don’t have any skill, then you can easily learn from an online course or free youtube video within 2- 3 months.

    You can join the following company totally free to sell your service.

    4) Blogging:

    If you have the skill in writing & interest in writing content to share knowledge. This habit will help you earn extra income more than your regular 9 am to 6 pm job. 

    Thousand of the college student, housewife & retired person was earing average $1000 to $1500 every month from blogging. At present, so many bloggers take it as a full-time job.

    Blogging is so simple that you have to create your website where you write and share your stuff that is interesting and engaging with others.

    Blogging is very easy; only you need to create one website (Free or paid) & write interesting, informative & engaging content. If your content is interesting & help the reader then you can earn a lot of money from this website.

    So many ways are available to earn money from blogging website. You can earn money from google ads & affiliate product promotion. 

    You can start blogging on any topic, like marketing topic, tutorial topic, tourist topic, cooking topic etc.

    To start blog, you need under following item,

    • Domine name
    • Web Hosting
    • Knowledge to design

    5) Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate one of the best digital business models to earn money lifetime only a one-time effort. In 2020 almost all company enters the affiliate marketing system to sell their product & service.  This huge market for affiliate marketers to earn money in 2020.

    This is the easiest business model but only dedicated people to become a success in this field. You can start this business in two ways, one is your blog website and another PPC marketing campaign. PPC marketing campaign is expensive & does not suitable for a long time. I recommended to start blogging site, it was given lifetime benefit to you.

    Best Affiliate programs sites are as following;

    • Amazon associate
    • Flipkart
    • Clickbank
    • ShareASale

    6) Captcha Solving:

    You know about captcha. When we are signup or sign in in any company site then one image display, this is the captcha image. We need to type the image word to complete the signup or sign-in process. Most of the company’s websites use the captcha to prevent their website from spammers.

    This captcha can not be solved in a computer or robot. It needs to solve manually.

    The captcha solving job is very low paid job & it is suitable for a college student for extra pocket money. It is a very easy job & anybody can do this Job.

    You will earn $1 to $2 per 1000 captcha solving. If you work 2 to 3 hours daily, you can earn an average of Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 every month in Indian rupees.

    The 2Captcha website was found genuine site & links under below,

    Join 2Captcha

    7) Youtube channel:

    Now the world is fast moving to digitization & people are interest to learn through a video tutorial. Youtube is free video watching platform & peoples are busy to see a video based on their interest category. 

    You are observed ads are displayed when you see the video on youtube. Youtube is a google product & Google earn money to show ads to viewers. Google also has given a share of ads revenue to video creators

    You can create youtube channel & upload based on your expertise interesting or knowledge-based content.  If your video content is informative or entertainment to people then your channel will grow gradually & earn money from this channel. 

    India top YouTuber was earned seven-figure amount in Indian rupees. It is a completely free platform & if you have the talent to make videos, definitely you become a success in this platform. 

    Join Youtube Channel 

    8) Transcription Job:

    The Transcription job is audio speech or people conversation to text format. At present, so many international companies were doing transcription jobs. 

    It was a complete work form home. Your earning can be calculated on the basis of audio time. You can make real money from this platform without experience & Specialized training in this field. Regular practice to become expertise like a real job.

    I will share the following online transcription jobs site where you will start earning without experience.


    Go Transcript admins & staff are fast responsive to workers. It is a lifetime & reliable income source if you love this job & hard work. They have thousands of client & pays on time. You have the freedom to choose the transcribe job & complete in flexible hours. 

    Join GoTranscript

    Transcribe Me

    This site is suitable for beginners with no experience. The transcription job are available worldwide on this site. If you have knowledge in english language this site provides good income to you.  You can earn an average $20 per hour audio. Your payment was transferred into your paypal account.

    Join Transcribe Me

    9) Independent agents:

    Appen is a US-based company & provides work from home job opportunities. You can work here online as independent agents for different projects. All agents enjoy the flexibility to choose job & freedom when to work.

    The job category is an acute analytical skill to work, providing feedback, social media evaluation, search media evaluation etc.

    Join Appen

    10) Part-Time seller:

    If you have basic computer skills then you can become a top e-commerce site seller. You need to find out the top demand product at present & list out your product in top-rated companies Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay etc as a seller.

    You will sell any product through these e-commerce sites. If you want, you can get a dealership from any company & sell this product through top e-commerce sites.


    Don’t pay single money to get any job. I provided all trustable company details & without any investment, you can earn money.

    Some fake & scammed company showing magical advertisements & promises to attract you to join. 

    Be practical! 

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