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20 Best Part time Jobs to Earn Money from Home

    20 Best Freelance Jobs

    Best Part time Jobs opportunities demand increased suddenly worldwide. Freelancing job is another career option for who want to earn money from home. More Than 50 types of different freelancing jobs available at present. Here I am writing a top 20 demanded freelancing job to work from home. At present in India, Freelancing jobs are better with respect to other professions. 

    So many freelance job sites are available at present but all are not trustable to do work. You can join the following site as a freelancer.

    Billions of companies are searching freelancers to complete their different projects through freelance companies. Before joining the above site, I recommended selecting below one or two job categories.

    If you don’t have any skill to do this job, you can learn from online courses or free videos on youtube. So many YouTubers uploaded videos in different courses

    Best 20 Part time Jobs

    1) Logo design:

    Logo design is a very high demanding job on freelance platforms. Every company & organization needs a logo & they make it through freelancers. This is one of the best Part time Jobs.

    If you don’t know the skill to run the software for logo design, Here I share a free website for easy logo design. From here you can do the only basic type of logo design.

    2) Illustration:

    Illustrators are designed to produce drawings for use in ads, books, magazines, product packaging, greetings cards and newspapers. 

    Illustrators can find profitable and satisfying work in a variety of career tracks and business sectors.  In Organisations, lots of fields have requirements for graphic designers and innovative Illustrators. As illustrators, they might prefer to establish a new or existing skill.

    Canva is a free website for any type of graphics design & illustration online.

    3) Social Media Marketing (SMM) :

    Social media marketing refers to techniques to sell a product. It is target social networks and applications to spread out brand name awareness or promote specific products. SMM projects normally focus around establishing social networks platform.

    SMM includes promoting your content and engaging with your target consumers. The social network’s channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This tactic is used in digital marketing to support organisations for sale. It also increases brand name awareness, generates more leads, and improve customer engagement.

    Now social media is the biggest marketing platform for marketing any product sell your targeted customer. This Part time Jobs have a bright future to all age persons.

    4) Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    Search Engine Optimization is a phrase that represents SEO. The SEO procedure for optimizing your site to receive organic, or unpaid, web traffic from the search engine results. In order to do this, search engines will certainly scan different sites to better understand. This is another best freelance job.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy for boosting your website’s ranks in search engine results. It includes identifying which keyword phrases and expressions of your target market. It is utilized when trying to find products or services in search engine bars.

    You can learn this course from “Udemy” at a very cheap price (Rs 500 to Rs 600) in video format.

    You will start to sell your SEO skill through “Fiverr”. This is a very high demanding skill & one of best part time Jobs. Clients are ready to pay Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 every month in Indian currency for SEO of their sites.

    5) Video Marketing:

    Definition of Video Clip Marketing:

    The video clip marketing is a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video right into your marketing campaigns. Video clip advertising and marketing can be used for everything from developing client relationships, to promoting your brand, services, or products.

    As well as if you require a little more convincing, look into these 5 vital benefits of video marketing for your business.

    Video clips receive 1,200% much more shares than text and photos combined. In addition to that, your mind can process these visuals 60,000 times faster than text. The human brain is not only more utilized to seeing visuals but is also much better at interpreting them.

    • Video clip boosts conversion rate of sales
    • The video clip is a wonderful addition to your email marketing campaigns.
    • Online search engine love video.
    • The video develops trust and credibility and encourages social shares.

    You can learn from its “udemy” site at a very cheap price. This is a trustable online academy.

    6) Email Marketing:

    Email marketing is the online digital marketing. You can be targeting customers with an email & massage for driving sales, enhancing customer loyalty and communication. It’s a type of direct promoting to target mass groups of people.

    Email is important because it produces a fast, trustworthy form for communication. It is free and easily available. They allow people to promote lasting, long-distance communication.

    Advantages of Email:

    • It’s totally free! Once you’re on the internet, there is no additional cost.
    • Easy to recommend sent and received messages and attachments can be stored safely, logically, and accurately.

    If you are an expert on writing, then it is a good opportunity to start today.

    7) Article and Blog Writing:

     Article & Blog writing profession you need to have a good writing skill. Google loves the content. Google ranks the website only on the basis of content.  Majority of website owners do not expert in writing articles or blog for their website. They hire writers from freelancer sites for writing content.

    Blog writing content generation is one of our challenge. Best Blogging content generation tool learn from here.

    8) Resume Writing & cover letter writing:

    The peoples are creating a resume to show their background, education, skills, and accomplishments of personal & professional life. Resume will be used to apply for a new job application. The “skills” section of a resume is the most important. It is the first impression before the interview. This is another easy & best freelance job.

    The cover letter is an application letter for a job. It is a one-page file that introduces a job applicant’s services history, professional skills, and individual interest. Hiring managers and employers utilize cover letters, paired with resumes to evaluate candidates.

    Resume writing & cover letter writing is a skill to highlight your strength & hide weak points to employers. Professional resume writers do it very well. If you are strong in English & writing then you can start today as a freelance writer.

    9) Website Designing:

    Website design requires different type of skills. The expert can do different innovative websites and manage them.

    The parts of website designing are as following,

    • Graphic Design
    • Search engine optimization
    • User interface design
    • Theme selection,
    • Plugin install authoring
    • User experience designing

    If you wish to enter into this platform. I recommended to learn from a reputed institute or learn from the web. It is a high paying part time Jobs.

    10) Website Development:

    Website development is the work of establishing a site with a complete design based on company product or services.

    It consists of website content development; website server and network security setups, e-commerce development etc.

    I recommended taking the training from a training institute for website development. You need to be confident in working as a freelance website developer. It is a high paying part time Jobs.

    11) Data Entry:

    Data entry online Work looks like an effortless way to get started working at home. Yes, it is easy to start & basic computer skills need to work. Here too much competition in the freelance platform.

    A data entry clerk enters or updates data into a digital form in a computer system.

    I recommend only those people who don’t have other skills to work online platforms. It is very easy So it is very high competition part time Jobs.

    12) Video Editing:

    Video Editors are generally responsible for editing video material into a suitable, finalized item product. The material might include camera video footage, communication with people,  sound effects, graphics and special effects. The Company, marketer & advertiser are looking for an experienced Video Editor as a part time jobs.

    Video editor get offers to do work in fields like television, movie, business advertising or digital web video. These jobs require expertise in various editing and enhancing procedures, techniques and the always-changing digital world.

    You can learn from digital course or free you-tube video.

    13) Translation Job:

    The translation is a profession which needs critical thinking abilities and an academic level of practical knowledge. If you have expatriates between two languages you will choose it as a profession.

    These are the fundamental translator skills you need to work as a qualified translator,

    • Advanced language understanding & Very good writing skills.
    • In-depth language understanding & research study skills.
    • Best practice translation and evaluation processes.

    14) Virtual Assistants:

    A virtual assistant is typically a self-employed professional. The virtual assistant can do under the following Part time Jobs at home.

    • Administrative job
    • Technical support
    • Social media sites management
    • Consultation
    • Email replay to clients

    The necessary skill required to become successful virtual assistance,

    • Knowledge in computer skills & data processing abilities.
    • Expert in oral communication and writing abilities
    • You need self-motivation and discipline.
    • Quick thinking and effective decision making.

    15) Transcriber:

    The Transcription job is an audio file to text file conversion manually.  If you have the accurate listening skill & fast typing skill. you will succeed on this platform. 

    This job you can do completely work from home. Average pay rate is $0.4 to $0.8 per minute audio.  

    The best Transcription job site are GoTranscript  and Transcribe Me.

    16) Online Teacher:

    If you are a teacher. It is the right platform to teach your subject worldwide. If you are a full-time teacher in school, then you can generate additional income to do it online. 

    In the future, the world is going fast & all are interest digital platforms. This is suitable for private coating for the student at home. 

    You can join “Preply” as an online tutor. This is a good platform for worldwide teaching & very good payout as a teaching Part time Jobs.

    17) Short Video ads:

    All business marketing & sales are promoted through short video ads.  Social media marketing key component is short video ads. Short video ads time frame 30 to 40 second. During this period attract customer attention. 

    This marketing & sales strategy demand is increasing gradually. If you learn this skill you can earn a lot of money using this skill. This is another high demand & best Part time Jobs.

    18) Mobile app developers:

    Mobile app developers’ demands increased significantly in the last 5 years. Now, small to big all company wants to develop their mobile app for a smartphone user.  This demand increased due to increased smartphone user.

    My advice, if you are interested as a mobile app developer. First you should join a good learning institute.

    19) Photo Editing:

    Photo editing jobs are editing digital photographs to include some effect, colour & brightness change. The old photo restoration & enhance the quality of the picture through photo editing.

    Sometimes photo quality is good but the background may not be satisfied.  Image background changes one of the major applications in photo editing. So many freelancers work photo editing jobs in Fiverr, People Per Hour, Upwork, SEO clerks etc websites. 

    The photo editor also works for a website, newspaper, publisher & magazine as a full time or Part time Jobs.

    20) Print Media Design:

    This is one of graphic design for creating business cards, booklets, flyers, posters, book covers, t-shirt prints, letterheads, posters and so more.

    The company wants to promote own product to eye-catching look by covering or package. The marketing team hire print media designer for a design product.

    The professionally designed product of any type gives a very positive impression. It is another good platform Part time Jobs to work from home. I recommended that you learn this design skill at first before creating your profile to work on an online site.  Fiverr is a good site to start your work from here. 


    This is the best 20 freelancing job you can do from home. If you are a student, housewife, homemaker or retired person. This is the best platform for work from home. All platform are completely free to join. If you more interest to learn about an online job or Part time Jobs, please go through the below link.

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