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How to Hide Facebook Friend from Public Step by Step Guide

    facebook friend hide procedure

    My lot of friends asked me, how to hide Facebook friends? Facebook is a top social media platform as of now & has a billion users. All over worldwide, any person can see about you, your friend list & your post if you not setup privacy setting. The big question is, how to hide a Facebook friend. Facebook Privacy is one of important concern & every user need to know it. This is an easy step to hide Facebook friends. This article guide you easy setup guide.  

    FB has implemented an all set to secure your privacy. All users have been controlling everything in their profile if they know. Facebook provide it very easy to hide people from visible to all other friends. It has a procedure to set your profile to do this. 

    I point out it step by step for easy to understand how to do this. 

    Hide Facebook friends Easy Step Web Browser:


    First, you go to a browser and type Log in your Facebook account to type username & password.

    hide facebook friends step

    Click on your name on your Facebook page. See the highlight on the image. Click in the Friends. 


    After click on the friend’s link, you have seen a pencil-shaped icon appears near the “Find Friends” Icon. You click on the pencil-shaped icon & highlight Edit privacy.


    Click on the “Edit Privacy” option & you see the below image for you better understand. You can found different option based on your requirement. 

    hide facebook friends final step

    You can see six option for choose for friend list. details are a following,

    1. Public: Anyone with a Facebook account can see your list of friends.
    2. Friends: Only people you’ve added as friends can see your friend list.
    3. Friends Except: This option if you select, your friend list is visible to all public except your friends.
    4. Specific Friends: This option has benefited from only specific friends can see your friend list.
    5. Only Me: Only you can see your complete friends list except for all others.
    6. Custom: This option, you can customize your friends, who can and can’t see your friends list.

    From the above six option, you can choose any one & click done. This six option has provided friends list visibility control. I prefer to choose the option “me only”. It is better for the privacy of my friends. 

    I think you can find this easy step to hide Facebook friends. You can see sometimes your female friend complain to you that your mutual friend has sent a friend request to him. It is very painful to answer to him. It happens the only reason your privacy setting.

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