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Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

    Epic Pure Water Filter

    Immediately turn ordinary tap water into clean, safe drinking water! When you and your family deserve pure water, it provides healthy water. You can drink water with confidence with Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher. Several independent laboratories have tested epic Pure Water Pitcher to remove 200+ known water contaminants, including fluoride, lead and mercury, pesticides, herbicides.

    Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher Review:

    Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

    Epic Pure is the cheapest water filter container on the market. With a 150 gallon capacity, the epic pure water filter pot not only saves your family money but also reduces the impact of our single use plastic bottled water on earth. A pure epic filter gives you the ability to ship a leading gravity-based water filter while removing more than 200+ contaminants from a top vessel.

    Key Feature:
    • Elimination 99.99% of contaminants
    • Digital Filter Indicator
    • Recyclable Filter
    • Multi stage filtration
    • BPA Free
    • Remove 200+ contaminant from water

    Technical Details:

    • It is easy to refill these water filter jugs for the refrigerator. This is the gravity water filter system perfectly fits the jug refrigerator shelf and is great for the family. This solid carbon block of water purifier pitch gives your family pure drinking water.
    • The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher also comes with an LED timer, which counts up to 90 days, integrated into the lid which reminds you when it’s time to replace the filter. Then you never have to guess about your filter.
    • This is premium quality gravity water filter produces 150 gallons of fresh, pollution-free drinking water (4 times longer than a leading water filter container). Remove 99.99% of all tap water contaminants. 100% BPA-free, 100% approved food grade ingredients, 100% recyclable, 100% vegetarian.
    • There can be nothing worse than a jug of dry water when everyone on the table wants to avoid bad models. Epic Pure has a generous 2 liter capacity of about 8.5 cups or six medium-sized glasses.


    Your family has the right to drink clean, fresh-flavored water, but a complete home filtration system can be expensive. Prices don’t stand in your way and good health-epic pure water filter containers are safe and affordable.

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