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Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook-2020

    facebook advantages and disadvantages

    Facebook is the most popular social media site since 2004. Now Facebook has more than 3 billion users. It has grown very fast & still growing rapidly. The beauty & popularity of this platform is you can marketing with targeted traffic. In this article, you can find Facebook advantages and disadvantages based on the user & marketer. 

    I can discuss details on Facebook advantages and disadvantages to better understand.

    Facebook Advantages and Disadvantages:

    Facebook Advantage:

    Facebook advantage Thumbs up

    1. Easy Connecting to People:

    If you are a Facebook user, you can connect with the world immediately. You can communicate with people in any country, make friends & share your experience. You can find out peoples to see their profile information & updated interest. It is easy to connect to send a friend request & massage. You can find out very old friends on this platform & again connect with them. 

    2. Free to use:

    Facebook is completely free for the user. You don’t pay single fees to join this platform. You can freely use massaging, video calls, share photo & videos to your Facebook friend. This platform has provided completely free to all user with this facility.

    3.Easy to Handle: 

    Facebook has designed a very simple interface & also have regional language facility. Any unskill & skill a person can use it very easily & don’t need any technical skill. 

    4. Sharing Happiness: 

    It’s a simple method to share feelings and what’s happening in your everyday life. You can share your achievements to get some appreciation, or you can share your sorrows to get support from your generous friends.

    5.Facebook Page & Group:

    Facebook fan pages, groups, events, and so on are getting more popular by the day. Fan pages and groups are really handy for marketing activities. This is why nearly every popular brand has a Facebook fan page and is investing a huge amount of funds to get exposure to their core constituents. Facebook groups can equally be a great way to connect all of your close friends. You can establish a group and keep it private in the group’s settings. Functions like group chat, alerts, file sharing, etc. can help you communicate and keep updated easily.

    6. Facebook for Business:

    You can sell a product or promote the items or the services, thus you increase the possibilities of making money on the Internet, It makes it possible for the establishment of collaborations between various tasks.

    You can increase your brand value and social networks presence for your organisation, It helps you to identify brand-new leads and customer, if you use it effectively, You can utilize Facebook Ads and Fans page to promote the service that permits you to target people of a particular age, geographic location, interests, So, They help make your ads most helpful and efficient.

    Facebook Disadvantage:

    Facebook Disadvantage Thumbs Down

    1. Fake profiles.

    Facebook fake account creation is very simple for anyone. It does not verify people identity. Any single person created so many Facebook account in different name & profile if they need. Facebook does not check & block it. There are so many cases was found misuse & harassment by the face account. Many many cases were reported about blackmailing girls & women from the fake account.

    2.Facebook Addiction:

    Now Student & young generation all are addicted to Facebook. They are spending a lot of time every day on Facebook. They love to stay in virtual world photo, video & likes. 

    This new type of addiction has an impact on every human life. Facebook does not take care in this field & they are focusing only on engagement. This is the biggest disadvantage of Facebook using.

    3. Privacy Issue:

    Now Facebook has simplified their privacy settings. Peoples are interested to share personal updates on Facebook for their friend but the personal information was the display in publicly. You can see any kind of happened in their life, all thing is come to on Facebook. People need to take care in this point otherwise some people take benefit from your personal information. The best rule is sharing minimum personal information on Facebook.


    We have seen Facebook advantages & disadvantages completely depends on you. If you use it in the right way with taking care of your privacy, it is the very best platform for updated day by day yourself. 

    If you are a marketing or business professional. this is the best platform to promote your business or service through Facebook. Faboo has known all details to every user. So it’s easy to target the right person for your service or product to sell.

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