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How to Create a Facebook Business Page Step by Step

    Facebook Business page

    Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users. That’s a fantastic opportunity to reach out to new customers if you are running a business. In this article, I guide you on how to Facebook business page creation & set up for your business step by step and click by click. The place where small business owners turn to for better online visibility. Get more traffic to website and more customers in their stores.

    The very first thing you need to understand is you need to have a Personal Profile on Facebook before you can create your business page. Facebook wants to know who you are and who owns that page. So once you’ve logged into your profile on Facebook, all you need to do is to create your page.

    Log in your Facebook personal account & follow the step by step to create the Facebook business page.


    Facebook business page creation Step-1

    You are going to need to click on the page creation link, which sits on the Create option in the navigational menu on the left-hand side. That’s going to take you to the main area where you can create a business page.


    Facebook business page creation Step-2

    After you click this option, you can see the above picture. Click the highlighted create page button. You can see under the below image.


    Facebook business page creation Step-3

    If you are created for the business you need to select the first option. Fillup Business name & category next continue.


    Next, you upload your business profile image & upload cover image. Your page successful created. You may skip these two options & complete it later.


    Now your page looks very simple. Next, click on the setting bottom & fill all details.


    Choose page visibility and click Edit, pick the page on Publish option and click Save Changes. Pop-up display, click Next. And then take the first box on this one too. It’s now time to design your page and add some images in there.

    You are going to start with a profile picture. You can choose a profile picture may be a product that you’re selling or a picture of yourself as a business owner. Or you can also add your logo.

    The next thing that you need to do is click on the Create a design button on the left-hand side here. And it’s going to come up with a bunch of suggestions. But what you need to do first is use specific dimensions. The reason you need to use specific dimensions is that your Facebook profile picture needs to be 180 pixels by 180 pixels.

    Hope this article helps to you for Facebook business page creation very easy way. This is easily guided to create a successful business page.

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