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10 Free Royalty Image Site for Blogger & Social Media Marketer

    Free royalty image

    I just want to show few websites, where you can download free royalty image. You can use them on your blog posts, artwork designs  & social media posts.

    Are you a blogger or social media marketer?

    If yes, then it is for yours. All bloggers & social media marketer uses images every day for blog & social media posts. If you buy every single image on every time. It’s difficult to pay all time.  Some really good websites are available to found very good quality images for your design.

    All Royalty image websites collect images from photographers & designers with permission to reuse anyone.  You can use all this photo without a copy write issue.

    Best 10 Free royalty image sites.

    1. Pexels:

    Pexels Free Royalty Image

    This is a fantastic website that has thousands of free royalty images. Pexels has provided high picture quality & free royalty images. Easily search for any photo through their search bar.  

    You can use all these images for your blog or social media or business. You can use any type of commercial use.

    2. Pixabay:

    Pixabay official page

    Pixabay provides 1.7 million images to use anywhere. All images are used under the Pixabay licence policy. This licensing policy provides you safely to reuse. You can use an image without taking permission or giving benefit to the designer. It is totally free for commercial purposes.

    This site also found illustration, vector graphic images & videos.

     3. Unsplash:

    Unsplash Free Royalty Image

    Unsplash has provided the free high-resolution stock photo. They have more than 1 million images. You can use this photo for your blog, social media & business purpose completely free. It has provided a worldwide copyright license to edit or modify & reuses. 

    4. Gratisograph:


    Gratiography is one of the fastest collections of high-resolution free royalty images sites. All photos are ready to use without any edit. The website is well categorized to find out your required image very first.

    5. Burst:

    Download free & high-resolution images for your website, social media & commercial use. This is a free stock photo website powered by Shopify. Burst constantly uploads new photos & categories for entrepreneurs.

    You can edit, crop or modify these images as per your requirement. The goal of this website is to help all types of people. You can use this image in your different project. You can use your school project, client work, print ads, blog, website etc.

    6. FreeImage:


    This site was launched in 2001 as an alternative to premium stock photo websites. This site has more than 3.8 lacs free image available to use free of cost. It can be used for commercial use. As a member, you can access thousands of free high-quality images.

    You can use all free photos for websites, blog posts, social media, art, magazines, newspaper books, etc.  You can also use it for personal purposes, home decoration or office decoration.

    7. Stocksnap:

    Stocksnap Free Royalty Image

    Stocksnap has offered high-quality stock images including commercial usage for free. The right image selection has increased customer attraction. It increases the impression of your website design, blog post or social media post.   

    You can find the right images for your digital & online projects. Stocksnap has tag-based category system to meet your requirement easily.

    8. Canva:

    Canva Free Royalty Image

    Canva is an online platform where you can do graphics design, presentation, posters etc. You can design from computer & mobile interface. Canva also provides millions of free images to commercial use. 

    You can download free images & designs in a single platform. Canva provides easy drag and drops features with a professional layout. Easy to use & easily create beautiful designs.

    Canva has a free version & premium version. The premium version has available more features. 

    9. Flickr:

    Flickr Free Royalty Image

    Flickr is an image sharing website. Here users create a free account & share photos to friends and followers online. This platform peoples are used for uploading and sharing digital media such as photo and video. You can use all images as a free of cost if you need. 

     The commercial use purpose of any licenced image needs to check license details.

    10. Foodiesfeed:

    Foodiesfeed has only a different category of food photos stock sites. This site is completely free to download all photos.  The world food photographer shared their photo under the creative commons zero license.

    If you are a food blogger, this website is suitable for meet your blog images. 


    If you are a designer, blogger or social media marketer. You don’t interest to spend money to buy images for use in commercials. The above 10 websites will provide completely free royalty image for your different projects. 

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