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Best Free YouTube Video Downloaders in 2020

    free youtube video downloader

    It would be best if you were looking for a website or software for free youtube video downloader. Yes, there are many completely free YouTube downloaders available in the market so that users can download completely free YouTube videos. Enjoying YouTube videos on your PC, laptop, or mobile is one of the best things you can do in your free time.

    Using the following best YouTube downloaders, you can download or save entire YouTube videos, which you can use for videos and video podcasts. Significantly, these YouTube downloaders do not require you to have a high setup PC or laptop.

    Why do we need to youtube video downloader?

    • Slow Internet connection: Although this may seem like the opposite of instinct, it is an excellent way to navigate slow web connection. Instead of starting your video, you can download it in the background while doing other things. Also, with some YouTube downloaders, you may decide to download a complete playlist for later viewing.
    • Offline viewing: This is where YouTube downloaders work best. When I travel a lot on the plane and outside the service area, the ability to watch YouTube videos without any connection is a lifesaver. Usually, I download my selected youtube video. I want to watch a few days before boarding the plane.

    Now, we will discuss best and completely free youtube video downloader for downloading free HD youtube videos.

    List of Free Youtube Video Downloader:

    1. Freemake Video Downloader

    Freemake youtube video downloader

    Freemake Video Downloader is a free youtube video downloader. It Downloads YouTube videos in MP4, WebM, 3GP, Flash FLV format. Download any YouTube video and music as MP3 file. Split off web links like AVI, MKV, WMV, iPhone, Android, phones, etc. Save some web videos at once & initial value protected.

    Video Downloader features a user-friendly user interface, sports a one-click mode that makes video download a cake-walk. You can rely on a single click for download, drawing and conversion, and from there, for the whole operation, when you can set up the settings of the application. You can download the video file in any of the suggested properties without any problem.

    • Easy copy / paste mechanism
    • Convert video to multiple formats
    • Extract audio from video files

    2. 4K Video Downloader:

    4K youtube video downloader

    It is one of the best free youtube video downloader that allows similar downloads from other sites. Using this software application, you can quickly download playlists that do not exceed 24 clips. To become proficient, you need to install additional software applications, and you will not be bothered by annoying ads using the app.

    If you like this program, you can download videos in a variety of formats, such as 4K and 3D and 360 degrees. Additionally, you can download MP3 files to your computer.

    By downloading the clip, you can manually adjust the required video quality. This program features the tools needed to download videos effectively.

    3. Airy:

    Airy youtube video downloader

    Airy is a YouTube downloader that lets you convert files to various video formats, in addition to its regular operation. The software user interface is very minimal and easy to use. Since you only download your input and output and then hit hits. Airy is genuinely one of the best completely free youtube downloaders since it offers superior download capacity. You can choose different video formats to download after you get the video link. For the completely free version, you can only download two files together.

    Here is a brief run-through of some great features:

    • Batch download for playlists and several videos.
    • Web browser combination (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).
    • HD, 4K and 8K Ultra HD video sup.

    4. Any YouTube Video Converter :

    AVC youtube video downloader

    In the face of this, any video converter is one of the most completely free youtube video downloader. The only downside is that this completely free version limits you to download one video at a time, but if you are looking for a free solution, this is something you may decide to enjoy.

    There are many video formats from here and even built a standard video editor in this YouTube downloader. It can be used to crop a video you download, include basic effects such as colour sequences, and include overlay text.

    The whole process is easy and fast. The interface of any video converter is not everyone’s choice, but it’s really nitpicking; This is the best free youtube downloader. Beware of bundled byte and Yahoo software during installation, and you’re nice to go.

    5. YTD YouTube Video Downloader


    Since the internet became cheaper, people have become more addicted to video streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc. We have lot of video content on the internet, we have brought you a list of several complimentary YouTube downloaders to save videos and watch later. You can download movies or video clips from YouTube for offline mode. If you use YTD Video Downloader, you can rescue videos from YouTube and other video streaming platforms of your PC or mobile gadget. To download this video to your PC, YTD Video Downloader is an extremely best option.

    When you install YTD Video Downloader, open the application. The completely free variety, multiple videos cannot be downloaded at the same time, so you have to wait and wait for the next video to finish a video. It is a waste of time.

    6. U2Convert:

    U2 convert youtube video downloader

    It is the most convenient online video downloader I’ve ever seen. A wide range of features integrates a great and basic user interface. U2convert can download videos and audio from over 1000 sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo.

    Download procedure:

    • First: Copy a video link of your wanted video.
    • Second:  Paste the video link to U2Convert.
    • Third: Choose an output format of video/audio & click to download.

    Key Features

    • Well compatible with all devices.
    • Multiple output formats.
    • Support more than 1000 sites.
    • Accessible on any browser.
    • Unlimited download.

    7. WinX YouTube Downloader:


    WinX YouTube Downloader can download videos directly from YouTube. You can also use it to download multimedia components from Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Yahoo and other options.

    This software is for those appreciative YouTube downloaders who are able to convert videos to numerous formats, such as FLV files, MKV, AVI files and others. This software has some downward features, such as you can not download 3D and 360-degree video.

    8. EaseUS:


    EaseUS is a reliable and specialized video downloader for PC and Mac that allows you to download videos from over 1,000+ sites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. It is quite easy to use. First input the video URL or the URL of the page in the download box & click download. Videos will be downloaded to your computer or your gadget.

    There are some additional benefits of EaseUS listed below:

    • It’s free software.
    • It’s completly ad-free.
    • It is suitable for Windows and Mac computer.
    • It enables you to transfer data between an iOS device or an iOS device and a computer.

    9. All Video Downloader:

    All video downloader for Youtube

    All Video Downloader is completely free youtube video downloader software. Here you easily download videos from numerous streaming websites. Slow internet connection, large file size, and high data costs often cause problems to see live videos. This software enables you to see all videos when your internet speed very slow. Downloading videos at a convenient time can be an excellent service.

    The full operation is basic, which makes this software application useful for beginner users. Additionally, to download videos, you can set up applications to manually. You can hide video files in different formats and view them later on a separate device. You can only download two videos and convert only four at any single time.

    10. Free YouTube Download:

    Free Youtube  video downloader

    Free YouTube Download is one of the most popular YouTube video downloaders. It allows users to save and convert YouTube videos so that you can watch the video at your convenience. This YouTube video downloader launched in 2006. It was made more popular to everybody because don’t have to pay a penny to use its services.
    It is easy to use and basic.

    All you have to do is copy the link or youtube and paste it into the application and push the download button. Yes, free youtube downloader provides one download choice in one click.

    Which format you can easily find depends on the quality of the initial video, but AVI, iPhone / iPod, MKV and MP4 need to be available for most of the time. Similarly, if you don’t need footage, you can convert it to audio-only MP3.


    • Get YouTube stream in any format, choose between MP4, MKV, WebM and MP3.
    • Convert to MP4, AVI, and MP3.
    • Transfer videos to iTunes instantly and convert them to iPhone / iPad / iPod.
    • Download videos subtitles.

    11. MassTube:

    MassTube youtube video downloader

    Masstube is an excellent app for all video fans outside because this app enables them to download their favourite videos in one snap, and completely free.

    Select the video and format you want to convert: mp4, 3gp, flv, mp3, mpg, MPEG, Ogg or SWF. Thanks to all this and an intuitive user interface, Masstube Video has become a very attractive app for fans who don’t want to spend any money.


    • Compatible with Windows platforms.
    • Help to download HD and UHD videos on laptops and desktops

    12. YouTube By Click:

    Youtube Byclick

    If you are using an old Windows computer, it’s hard to find compatible software for your system. YouTube by-click software application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. It can help you download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook etc. As its name suggests, it can download entire YouTube playlists and channel videos at a very fast pace without the need to select a single video.

    The software is offered in two versions: a completely free, feature-limited variety and a premium version. The Premium version has the option to download unlimited videos , supports very long HD and subtitles. It has some more functions, such as downloading lots of videos at the same time, personal youtube and facebook videos etc.

    13. aTube Catcher:


    aYouTube Catcher can save videos from large video hosting websites. First, a word of warning: Sleeve adware abounds during set-up.

    Downloaded videos can be instantly converted to several popular formats. So you can customize them for your intended use or enjoy the gadget you want. If you want to download a lot of videos, you can download at the same time. Your bandwidth is the highest – which is not offered in all the best completely free YouTube downloaders on this list.

    This free YouTube downloader also includes many additional offers. It can record any on-screen video tape, video integration, and the ability to burn discs.

    14. Y2mate tool:

    Y2 mate

    Y2mate is another online solution for downloading YouTube videos.

    Select and copy the video URL from the address bar.

    Next, Go to the Y2mate site and paste the YouTube video URL in the download link box.

    It will show you the proposed video format and resolution that you can download, choose any size, and push the download button.

    15. KeepVid:


    Keepvid is a website for downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format. In addition to personal videos, the tool lets you download a total of YouTube playlists in the same way. You can also download videos from other social media platform.

    16. Videoder:


    Videoder is a completely free youtube video downloader that is readily available for Windows and Android. The software application lets you download not only 4K videos from YouTube. In addition, the desktop version lets you produce personalized collections of video and audio. This means no more buffering or searching through a mess of files.

    17. Gihosoft:


    Gihosoft is a video downloader for storing YouTube videos. You can use this tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3. This allows you to add subtitles to the video. With Gihosoft, you can save videos to YouTube channels, playlists, and thumbnails in 1080P, 4K, or 8K format. It is one of the best rippers.

    Gihosoft is a Youtube download software application; here I will introduce you how to download Youtube videos 3 easy tasks is to download completely free:

    • First: Copy the video URL to the address line and click the “+ URL” button to pars the link.
    • Second: Select video resolution – such as 4K, 8k or 1080p, output format, subtitle language and save guide site.
    • Third: Click the “Download” button to start downloading video/playlist as video or audio.

    18. uTube Downloader:

    mini tool

    The YouTube Downloader by Mintool allows you to download HD quality videos and quickly convert them to Wav, mp4, and mp3 formats. You can batch and convert files in addition to downloading playlists.

    19. Video Grabber:

    Video Grabber

    Video Grabber download videos from YouTube and social media platform. You can save your favourite videos in MP4, 3GP, FLV, MP3 format etc. Video Grabber similarly supports HD video downloads. This tool allows to download videos without any restrictions. Also, this software helps you to convert video applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

    Free Trial Youtube Video Downloader:

    20. Allavsoft:


    Allavsoft is a video downloading software. You can download videos more than 100 sites. This software allows you to save clips in HD 1080p, 4K and more. It lets you download videos with just one mouse click. You can convert clips to FLV, F4M, webm, and f4v. It has integrated players to play music and movies.

    It is one of the paid software & you can check it with a free trial.

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