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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life

    The Power of Habit

    The power of habit doesn’t understand all persons. Those peoples understand this; their life has changed automatically.  The good habit always forces to do good activity in your daily life. These all things are happening automatically. Your habits are the primary determinants of who you are and what you will be done.

    You will change what you do every day. The problem is that most people have bad habits that they don’t think about every day. Your habits will help you to correct your subconscious tendencies.

    What is a habit?

    A habit is a way that we have deliberately created ( how to talk, eat, drink, attitude & behave with others) without thinking. This process was happening continuously every day.

    A habit is a practice of work that our brain automatically follows all those things.  I will do a routine to get rewards. By understanding how this happens, you can recreate those patterns.

     What is the Subconscious mind?

    You know, the maximum of your daily activities are automated. You have no awareness of them. Habits are a way for our brain to conserve energy over time, and these are extremely important for our activity. Imagine if you had to count every step of the road in advance, how to have your breakfast, open the front door, take every step of the car, start the ignition, drive in busy traffic, and so on.

    Fortunately, our Subconscious maintains everything. The brain is able to remember 5-9 data at a time. The rest is paid subconsciously for processing. Once you do something, you can autopilot it much easier next time. Most of your habits are driven by unconscious fear that you are not yet aware. Changing habits can have the effect of correcting this fear, although it takes time.

    Change You Habit:

    What you are doing, everything is a habit. Some habits are incredibly deeply compressed. The more you practice, the harder it will be to replace. As an example, A person who has been a smoker for 30 years. He was continuously smoking with his friends or at home. Now he wants to quit his smoking habit. It is initially difficult for quite his smoking because of addiction. Initially, one or two days stop smoking but possibilities he will start smoking from 3rd days.  Bad or good habit both are difficult to change. Good habit always moves forward but bad habit damage your life.  

    We have known from scientific studies that three weeks to change a  new habit. After three weeks, the person will probably continue it later. So if you want to build a new habit, the 21 days marks are the most important. After these points, it will become much easier. Once a habit is installed in your brain, it only becomes second nature. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s the beauty of the habit when you understand them and use them to your advantage.

    Of course, the ultimate habit you want to maintain is positive thinking. The moment you find a negative thought, try to turn it into something positive. Overtime, even it will become second nature, and negative thinking will become a thing of the past. This is the ultimate habit of adoption, so it is best to start with other habits like meditation or eating habits first.

    “The Power of Habit” Book

    If you need to change your habit. I recommended reading the best book “The Power of Habit”. It is by far one of the most recommended books to all age. Mr. Charles Duhigg wrote this book. I believe everyone should read it if they want to change their lives.

    This perfectly explains how our practice works supported by science, research and real-life stories. Also, the book provides practical strategies and techniques for applying change at the individual, institutional and social levels.

    About the author:

    Charles Duhigg is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning staff writer for the New York Times. He studied at Yale and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Charles is a frequent contributor to American Life, NPR, PBS News Hour and Frontline. When he was working as a journalist in Iraq a few years ago, he had a keen interest in observing the practice.

    Summary of the book:

    We can always change. The Power of Habit, award-winning New York Times business journalist Charles Duhigg translates behavioural science into practical self-development activities, transforming advanced neuroscience into a fascinating narrative of transformation.

    Why do some people and companies change overnight, and some get stuck on their old route? The answer sleeps deep in the human brain, and the power of habit reveals hidden pressure points that can change lives. From Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to Starbucks CEO Martin Luther King Jr, the NFL locker room, Duhig Keystone has explored the incredible results of practice, and how they can differentiate between billions, failures and successes – or even life and death.

    The power of habit creates a thrilling case: being the key to almost any door in life awakens the right habit. From exercise to weight loss, from child-rearing to productivity, from social revolution to market disruption, and above all, success, proper habits can change everything.

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