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Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India-2020

    network marketing company

    Network marketing is one of the best part-time or full-time jobs. This article gives you details of the top 10 network marketing company in India. So many successful Network Marketer was earning six to seven-figure monthly. All MLM or network marketing companies offered the best job opportunity without affecting your regular 9 am to 5 pm job. 

    You can join here without an education & experience barrier. Anyone can join this platform without any restriction. 

    In network marketing, you sell any product and reaching it directly to the customer. Network Marketing (MLM) is also calling Direct Selling business. It is an excellent opportunity who want to do an extra job in free time. You can work from anywhere with freedom life. 

    All Network Marketing company is not suitable for you or your customer. So many fraud companies are available in the market, and they are acting as an MLM. In this article, I will share 10 MLM & network marketing company in India. All companies were doing business successfully for a long time.

    I choose all companies to consider under five points.

    • What type of Product or Service Offer
    • The leadership of Company at present
    • Business History 
    • The Compensation Plan
    • Availability of Training

    The Network Marketing companies also known as a

    1. Multi level marketing company
    2. MLM company ( Short form)

    Top 10 Network Marketing Company in India List- 2020:

    # Amway India:

    The Amway is a very old Network Marketing company. It is top position with respect to 10 network marketing company in India. It is one of the trustable Network Marketing company. The origin of this company is the US. More than 100+ countries presence & doing a successful business.

    Amway is within Top 10 Network Marketing Company in India

    Joining this platform is very easy through Amway website. You need to submit all the mentioned documents to finish the registration.  The commission range varies 6% to 21% depends on the product category. It has more than 150 products in FMCG, personal care and health-related in the India market.  The popularity of the Amway product is quality.

    Suppose you are interested in joining this platform click here. Amway does not claim any joining free.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # Herbalife:

    Herbalife is a US-based Network marketing company established in 1980 by Mark Hughes. This company was dealing with more than 90 nations. The company provides dietary value by delivering the best nutritional items. Including bars, tea, and aloes, it begins with a protein shake and other products to keep weight gain.

    Herbalife Nutrition MLM Company

    The product provided by the company is not readily available in any general stores. To sign up with Herbalife, you need to sign up online and purchase subscription kit. You can get a 25% discount on every product. You can sell these products on the market price and make a profit.

    Herbalife is the second-best US-based MLM Company operating in India after Amway. You will generate income either selling items to someone or sponsoring someone who sells these items.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited:

    Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global is another the leading MLM network marketing company established in 2013. In a short period, it has become a reputable network marketing business.This company involved healthcare, life item & physical fitness. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global current earnings are more than Rs 1500 Crore.

    Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global MLM Company

    You can register through online and join their network as a distributor. Go to their Registration Page and submit the form. Once you have completed the registration kind, you require to buy their items worth Rs 1000 from their site.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # Modicare:

    Modicare began his journey in 1996 and originated direct selling. This company  founded by Sameer Modi is one of the fastest-growing Indian MLM companies in the country. This business began with one centre, seven items, and roughly 400 specialists. Today it has pan India existence with over 40 centres accommodating over 2700 cities.

    Madicare MLM company

    Modicare provides a wide variety of products under health, skincare, individual care, home care etc. Modicare offers a unique business plan called Azadi.

    You can offer and end up being an independent consultant Modicare products. The item provided to the specialist is 20% less expensive. The commission rate depends upon your level in the organization. Apart from the commission, you will likewise get a reward.

    You also get Accumulative Performance Bonus varying between 7% and 22%. Other rewards are Director Bonus– 14%, Leadership Productivity Bonus– 15%.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # Avon:

    Avon is the most popular and earliest MLM business worldwide. Founded in 1886, the brand offers and makes an appeal and personal care products. Avon is the world’s largest appeal direct seller. They exist in over 70 countries, and in India, they have been running for twenty years now.

    Avon network marketing company

    Avon is one of the famous cosmetics company, in the field for years now. This company well settled and now with the second-highest direct selling business in the world.

    Avon Business program permits you to end up being Avon agent. You can get a product at discounted rates you can offer these items to your friends and earn a substantial commission as soon as you end up being Avon representative. Avon also provides a higher commission on group sales. On an average Avon representative in India earns Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 per month.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # RCM:

    RCM is among best network marketing company in India. It has more than one crore direct offering partners throughout the nation.

    It’s one hundred per cent Indian company. They offer whatever from health supplements and herbal medications to skincare and charm items, clothing for males, kids and ladies in addition to a broad range of other stuff such as bags, stationery, tools and lots more.

    RCM network marketing company

    Unlike all other multi-level marketing business, RCM concentrates on grocery garments, items and cosmetics. This multi-level marketing company uses more than 700 products. A direct seller can earn incentive by referring people to acquire the business’s product. The individual thinking about joining is needed to use online on the application offered on the business’s website.

    There are different categories of perks like Efficiency Reward, Royalty Benefit and Technical Reward. You earn commissions between 10% and 32% depending upon your business Volume.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # Vestige:

    Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd, a direct selling company, began its operation in the year 2004. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 licensed MLM business in India that using quality health and personal care products.

    Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd

    The business has an extensive range of item like Health Supplements, Air Purifier, Ayurveda, Natural Food, House Care, Personal Care and so on. At present, the company has 200+ branch offices and 5000+ supplier centres. In 2008, Vestige opened its very first global office in Nepal and in 2012 the second opened in Dubai.

    Vestige uses a wide range of products from health supplements to air cleanser to individual care. You generate income by not only selling products to others but also in the form of leadership perks, swimming pool income and on the efficiency of your downline.

    As a Vestige supplier, you can make 10-20% saving on intake, 5-20% as an Accumulative performance bonus and 14% as a direct bonus offer.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # OriFlame:

    Oriflame is a popular name in the cosmetics industry in India. The company was founded in 1967 in Switzerland and provides products ranging from food supplements and charm items to skincare and health care segments.

    Oriflame network marketing company

    The organisation started its services in India in 1996. This network marketing business in India has been selling items through its network of 2.5 lakh direct sellers. The company tape-recorded a $428 million in worldwide earnings.

    This network is enough to describe the high market value of this company with a sale force of 3.6 million and possibly more in the coming days. Apart from such business things, they offer a much better platform for the distributor with digital tools and own online shop for suppliers.

    You can register with Oriflame as a specialist and begin selling items on their behalf. When you register as a VIP client, you can buy products at a discount of 20% to 40% and cost a higher MRP to customers.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # 4Life:

    4Life is a US-based direct selling business understood for food supplements items for general health and wellness

    Aromatherapy oils and diffuser offered by them in the Indian markets are one of their most beautiful that is highly valued.  The other  products like fitness freak things like body improvement and supplements supporting immune system, all of which belongs to general health.

    4 lite

    4Life provides an excellent compensation plan for its distributors. Distributors can make a lot of cash from Retail profits. As a distributor, you can buy products at a wholesale cost and resell them for a retail price making up to 33% earnings.

    For more details– Visit Here

    # Forever Living:

    Forever Living is a network marketing company that produces aloe vera drinks in addition to cosmetics made from bee derivatives founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. It has dedicated ourselves to seeking out nature’s most excellent sources for health and sharing them with the world. Forever business available in more than 150 nations worldwide, Permanently is assisting individuals in living in a manner in which they never dreamed possible.

    Forever Living

    This company MLM plan is straightforward. You have to end up being a Forever Entrepreneur member and purchase items at a wholesale cost.  After offering them at market price to your good friends making up to 43% in commissions.

    In bonuses, you earn Group Volume Bonus offer approximately 13% on each of the employees under you, and for Management bonus you get 2% to 6% relying on the position in the organization.

    For more details– Visit Here


    This all 10 Network marketing company operating in India at present. I recommended visiting their website to details understand before joining as a seller.  Few people who might not like the business concept but after join you gain a lot of experience in marketing & sales.

    This business concept gives you freedom work time table & double site income opportunity. One is direct selling & another is from your team building. If you understand the concept of this business & have the skill to team building. You will earn more than a six-figure earring.

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