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Different Types of Communication skills with Examples

    Type of communication skills

    The communication skill has played a major role to share information one person to other persons. I can discuss details about the type of communication skills and the process of communication. The communication derived from the Latin word that means you can comment or say.

    The big question arises what or to whom you want to communicate. The communication means exchange of ideas; thoughts views beliefs and attitude and emotion from sender to receiver with a proper channel of media. The question arises, what are the process of communication. 

    Communication means when the sender or you can say encoder transmits or convey his idea his thoughts through a proper channel to the receiver in the form of or using any media. The communication completed after the receiver sent the feedback to the sender. The conversation needs two-way interpretation.

    Type of communication skills

    Now we are discussing the types of communication. We have classified the discussion on three types; details are as follows,

    1. Way of expression
    2. Organization structure
    3. Direction

    Communication on the Basis way of Expression:

    Based on expression, The communication divided into two parts verbal and nonverbal.  

    What do you mean by verbal communication? 

    Verbal communication divided into oral and written communication. Oral communication means communication done through words of mouth. The verbal communication influenced by what oral communication influenced by voice pitch clarity of words and thoughts. Oral communication means conference giving orders, discussion etc.  

    Written communication defined as the words or symbol used by the sender to send his information and message. The receiver either in printed form or through handwritten. The written communication influenced by terms vocabulary way of writing grammar etc. In oral and written communication, we used our acronyms. We use an acronym that means keep it short and straightforward. If the message we are conveying is quick and direct, it will be understood by the receiver correctly.

    Nonverbal communication may be wordless. The fewer means if the conversation done through the expression of the body are you by using gestures. Gestures can be positive, or gesture can be detrimental. The positive gestures being confident, being relaxed & realist is positive justice. The negative gesture means shivering to look again and again.  

    Communication on the Basis Organization Structure:

     Second, based on organized structure communication divided into two types formal and informal. Formal communication means the communication done through a chain of command or proper order—the most crucial point on the formal conversation.  

    • Formal communication is error-free.
    • There is no chance, or there is no error.  
    • The information passed, or flow is authentic and viable. 

    The example of formal communication is meetings, notices or reports. This communication mainly higher authority to the lower authority through proper media or proper channel.  

    • The Informal communication followed by proper rules, proper procedure & proper principle by the organization. Example of this type of communication mainly held in movie, halls & canteens etc.
    • Informal discussion means conversation which is flowing in all direction, or we can say communication done to build a relationship. Friendly communication there is one drawback. 
    • The Informal communication, the information which is flow is not authentic, or we can say there are more chances of humour. 

    Communication on the Basis Direction:

    The last way of the conversation based on direction. Again, this divided into two types, one is vertical, and another is horizontal. Before discussing vertical and horizontal, I would like to discuss what is Intel scalar. It means when the communication is done at the managerial level.  

    Vertical communication means communication moved downward or communication move upward. The downward communication when the higher authority instructs or passes information to the subordinates. It is known as downward communication. The example of downward communication means giving orders writing memos giving reports etc.

    Now the question arises what is horizontal communication. Horizontal communication means when the communication flow at the same level people. The horizontal communication used to the built relationship or to coordinate between different departments. For example, The HR communicate to finance or finance communicate with other departments to run the organization is smooth.  

    Finally, I want to conclude communication-based on the expression, structure and direction. 

    This is the basic explanation of the type of communication skills. If you need to grow yourself & learn more, I recommended to click here.

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