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Whatsapp Web: All User Need to Know the Features

    Whatsapp web

    Whatsapp message sends and receives easy through WhatsApp Web on your desktop PC or laptop. It is a browser-based PC subscriber. It is not a different account, but the same account in a web browser and mobile device we can uses.

    WhatsApp is one of popular messaging application in the world. It lets you send messages via an internet connection instead of saving money on your phone bill, without using your text on your phone. This facility is beneficial. Those peoples are always busy with work or their computer system or laptop computer. 

    I recommended reading, complete this article to understand in details about WhatsApp web. Web Variety and desktop apps for Mac OS and Windows work in virtually the same way and they are highly comparable to your WhatsApp mobile phone app.

    To download the desktop app, go to from your desktop browser and hit download. Otherwise, if you do not want to download, go to web-based variations.

    Click Here to visit Whatsapp web

    About WhatsApp:

    WhatsApp considered to be the leading messaging app in the world, and it is readily available on various mobile platforms. It supports all type of mobile application. There is a record of near 1 billion active users worldwide – still the highest number. This excellent messaging app is one step ahead of the WhatsApp web. Users can now continue their chat on their PC or desktop or any other device that can run the Chrome Internet browser. It enables you to talk to your phone as well as your computer system. It provides a maximum user experience on a large screen.

    History of WhatsApp:

    This app was created by Brian Acton and Jan Kum in 2009. They are earlier working at Yahoo. When they leave their jobs to travel around the world, the start-up story begins. But quickly, their savings began to sink, and they had to get a post on Facebook, which was not so ready. However, they are quite disappointed; as a result of this failure, they have started a new journey in their life – WhatsApp.

    Mr.Jan Kum bought an iPhone in January 2009 and soon realized the power of the app market in the months-old App Store. He wanted to create an app that shows the status next to users’ unique names. Alex Fishman began to discuss the idea with Kum Acton and both for more insight. However, it was impossible to accomplish this idea without the help of an iOS designer. So Alex includes them to a Russian designer.

    The start of the journey was not smooth, but like many other viable business owners, they have broadened their approach. He calls it ‘WhatsApp’ because it sounds like a mystery lined up with a lot of status concepts.

    How to join to WhatsApp web?

    Using the WhatsApp web is an easy task, but for some people who have no idea how it works. It is a quick guide to learn how to use WhatsApp Web on PC. Remember that your mobile phone needs to connect to the WhatsApp web actively.

    1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.

    Whatsapp Mobile

    2. Open on your computer using a web browser.

    3. Open the chat screen and then click on the menu and then click on the WhatsApp web on your mobile phone.

    whatsapp web on mobile

    4. Look at your computer screen again; the computer system screen will have a QR code.

    5. Scan on-screen QR code from your mobile phone using WhatsApp Scanner.

    6. When you scan the QR code, your WhatsApp account will now be available through your PC.

    Whatspp account after login PC

    7. Now use WhatsApp on your laptop computer or desktop.

    All messages will be synchronized across and adjust what you do on a device.

    How to logout the WhatsApp web?

    As soon as you finish using , you may want to log out of WhatsApp. This practice is not safe to open your WhatsApp account on PC continuously.  Follow the under below guide to learn how to logout from the WhatsApp web.

    You can log out directly from the web just by clicking on the menu icon (3 dots on the top )> Log out.

    Whatsapp web logout

    Additionally, you can logout from your mobile phone to follow the step below.

    1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.

    2. Tap the settings icon (tool icon three dot at the top-right side of the screen).

    Whatsapp account setting on mobile

    3. Click on WhatsApp web.

    whatsapp web option on mobile

    4. It will show all active sessions there. Scroll down on logout option.

    whatsapp mobile logout option

    5. Validate by tapping Log Out.

    6.  Now you are logged out from all active sessions.

    WhatsApp Web advantage:

    1. You can download any files found in your account to PC.
    2. There is no need to download the app or any other software/extension.
    3. The only great advantage of using the WhatsApp web is that you have a large keyboard for typing and a large display screen for the talking experience.
    4. You can logout remotely from the internet browser.

    WhatsApp web disadvantage:

    1. You cannot register or signup for a WhatsApp account from the web. It is for an existing user – with an active account.
    2. Your web session will remain active as long as your phone connected to the Internet.
    3. In the online version WhatsApp web, you cannot delete or forward messages. You cannot develop groups in the same way or leave existing groups. You need to go to the app to get full functionality.
    4. Another big downside is that users can’t change their account profile image or update brand-new status.
    5. If you want to access computer systems, you need to keep your mobile device connected to the Internet; it is a big problem for everybody.

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