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Youtube channel create & setup guide step by step

    Youtube channel setup

    Youtube channel create & setup guide step by step for a new user. I guide you on how to create your own YouTube channel. So if you want to drive more customers for your business, please read the full article.  I wanted to break down the very beginning steps not written so much about how to grow your channel. I focused on how to actually start your YouTube channel.

    The end of this lesson you’ll have a brand new YouTube channel. If you’re ready to start with our very first step create a Google account. Due to YouTube is owned by Google. So the first thing you’ll need to do create a Google account before creating a YouTube channel.


    First, we need to create a google account before we go to the Youtube channel create & setup. To create a Google account go through this link & click the create account. Follow this step click on the Sign  In button.  

    Gmail account sign up
    • When cursor moving in create account link,  you’ll see a drop-down giving you the option to choose between a personal and a business account. Select the for myself option as at this stage.
    • Add your first and last name then click on the create a Gmail account option then choose an email address related to your business or something you will easily remember.
    • Next, you need to choose a password then confirm it and click add a phone number.  
    • Google will send you a code to verify your real person. Once you receive the code just enter it in the field and click on verify.
    • Next, add a  recovery email address if you wish.
    • I  recommend you do add your date of birth and gender then click Next.
    • You can agree to the terms and conditions then click on the create an account button.


    Youtube channel create & setup guide step-2 are as given below,

    Youtube channel setup

    Now you can go to the Youtube browser. You can find on the top right-hand side window click on the sign-in option. if you see an icon instead of the sign-in option. it’s because you’re already logged in with an existing Google account. You need to just log out your existing account & fresh login with a newly created account.


    Youtube channel create & setup guide step-3 are as given below,

    Youtube channel create
    • YouTube channel click on your avatar in the top right-hand side window.
    • Select the create a channel option a  pop-up window will appear.
    • Click on the get started button. In the next window, you can choose to create a channel based on the name.
    • You used to create your  Google account name or pick a custom name. Since we are creating a channel for business let’s go ahead with a custom name option.
    • You’ll be redirected to a  page where you can pick a custom name. 
    • Next, tick the terms and conditions box and finally the create button wait for a few seconds. Now your channel has been created completely.


    Youtube channel create & setup guide step-4 is very vital. In the step-4 we learn to design the channel for attraction viewer. Complete the under the following step to design your channel.

    Youtube channel create
    • Add a brief description of the history of your business. What is about your channel & what viewers can expect to see etc. Don’t need to write a  couple of paragraphs, should enough there is a thousand character limit. Anyway, this copy will be displayed in the About section of your channel.
    • After scrolling down a bit, you will have the option to add a link to your website along with social media profiles.
    • Add channel art in line with your brand when visitors visit your channel for the first time. The most impactful element they will see is the main banner.
    • This banner is your chance to grab your visitors attention. It let them know what your channel is about. So you should design it carefully.
    • Your channel icon is much smaller but equally important. Which sits right below your banner is what is being seen in YouTube feed. My recommendation here is to add your business logo.


    Very last step to design your channel adds a  channel trailer along with your main banner and channel icon. There is one last element that will play a major part in grabbing visitors attention. Your channel trailer you’ve likely experienced this before yourself. All channel has one video right their banner & video played automatically. This video is known as the channel trailer. 

    Your trailer is the chance to introduce your channel to new visitors. Let them know who you are and what kind of video content they can expect to see. The trailer is generally short around a  minute should be enough new visitors. You need to shoot your trailer first before loading it.  The second you go to your channel homepage then click on the upload a  video button. The third you select the file option and fetch the video to use as a trailer.

    Final Step:

    The people will see after the video is listed on your channel. You can choose from the suggested list or add a custom one. There are three options to choose from public, unlisted and private. The public means everyone can see your videos. The unlisted video can see only they know video link. The private video has seen only subscription people.

    You are now the proud owner of a brand new YouTube channel. All you need to do is start creating videos and add them to your library. Try to keep engaging with your audience but remember practice makes perfect. So it’s unlikely you will become a hit overnight, be patient.

    Bullet point for channel creation:

    1. Select a Name: This need to be the same as your business website address/name. Make it easy to keep in mind, short, memorable and simple to spell.
    2. Channel Description: Overview your Brand Name, Function, Target Market and Distinction, then write a bio for the “About/ Description” of your YouTube channel based on that information.
    3. Header Image: Your header image must represent who you are, what your channel is about and your purpose. Make it engaging and eye-catching, and make it stand out. A bold, clean image will cause viewers to pause and want to learn more.
    4. Your Channel Icon: Putting your picture in your header image is optional, but it’s NOT optional in your Icon.
    5. Put links to your site in your channel description: When you monetize your site with affiliate ads, visits matter. Always make it simple for your audience to visit your website.
    6. Add Social network links to your header: You create & edit your header image on YouTube & add links to your social networks profiles. Add these to help your audience find you.
    7. Channel setup and design: You must create a positive look on your channel to attract your audience. Make sure to put your business logo, the links to your website and other social media accounts, your profile information, and keyword tags.

    Bullet point for video creation:

    1. Video content strategy: The different video content ideas that are uniquely yours to be able to reach a lot of audiences and will boost your channel.
    2. Annotations: “Make sure your main points are clear with interactive commentary,” writes Brafton. Annotations add background information, CTA, and links to other related videos, on your videos itself.
    3. Thumbnails: Thumbnails also affect one’s judgments with regards to choosing which video to watch.
    4. Search friendly video tags: Use relevant tags for your videos so that it will be easier for your videos to appear on search results.
    5. Playlist. Make use of YouTube’s playlist feature to increase your viewer’s engagement to your channel and videos.
    6. Engage. Be accessible to your audience as much as possible and communicate with them all the time. Update your channel and answer your viewer’s inquiries and comments. 
    7. Subscriptions, Subscribe to other accounts so that people can notice you more. Make use of those share buttons as well, which will post a link to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts.
    8. Analyze insights. Monitor your channel viewership, subscriptions, and engagements for this will refine your video strategies.


    Now the world is moving video content. peoples love to see a video to learning purpose or entertainment purpose. Youtube is a free platform to share video content. You can earn money after establish your channel. So many successful YouTuber was earning 6 to 7 figure.

    Hope this content help you create a brand new YouTube channel. If you interest to learn another best source of income. I recommend reading under below content.

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